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Premarital Counseling

We offer premarital soul-mate counseling for couples who are committed to a long-term relationship, yet they understand that every marriage will encounter difficulties and they would like to be prepared from the outset for the challenges that lie ahead ... to sustain the "romance" and excitement in their relationship.

The process is intended to strengthen the bond between two people who are committed to one another and the success of their relationship. It is not about exposing “secrets” from the past, nor is it about religious obligations or marriage counseling in the sense of working out problems in a damaged relationship. Think of it as an investment in the long-term welfare of a priceless, irreplaceable asset: your relationship!

This service is offered as a premarital counseling and education program for couples who may not share a common religious heritage or do not wish to be lectured about fulfilling religious obligations, perhaps by someone who has never experienced a successful long-term soul-mate relationship.

Our programtitled The Soul-Mate Journeyconsists of two, 2-hour sessions that are conducted in a relaxed, private setting under the guidance of a husband and wife team that knows what a successful, happy, and long-term relationship means from personal experience. This, in addition to their formal education, provides them with a unique blend of wisdom and insight on how to keep romance alive and also deal with challenges that can threaten a loving relationship. The sessions are supported by a workbook and a "communication styles" assessment, but there is also ample opportunity to deal with issues that are specific to your relationship in a frank and open discussion.

A typical set of issues would focus on the following:


What it really means to be soul-mates for life


Styles, habits, and annoyances


Expectations, assumptions, and priorities in your relationship


Must-haves and must-not-haves


Shared and non-shared values and beliefs


Family matters - mine, yours, and ours


How to handle outside interference


How to effectively communicate your concerns


Working through conflict and disagreement


Words of wisdom on sex, money, and careers


Keeping the romance alive

Call us at 972-985-1731 if you would like to discuss the premarital soul-mate counseling program, or click the button below to send us a message.

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